Week 1- Due Sunday 17th March 2013

Why did I join crit101?

I joined crit101 as I feel with my GCSE mock and real exams coming up it will help me to be an independent learner in my revision. Also, I Believe that the more opportunities I can get the better, so when my friend advised crit101 I thought it would be an opportunity worth doing. Furthermore, it was advised as a very helpful course that taught lots of new skills. For this reason I thought it would be a great idea to join crit101.

 To add to that, I hope that the skills gained in crit101 will not only help me in my GCSE’s but will help me in every aspect of education as many people say at higher education independent learning is key to success. 

How do you define independent learning (skills/characteristics)?

Personally, I define independent learning as work you do on your own without any guidance from a teacher. This is because I think that independent stands for thinking for yourself and doing things on your own accord and helping to teach yourself. Also, I believe that independent learning involves taking your initiative and if you don’t understand something then working in your own time to make sure you can eventually understand it. Although, after watching the video clips I have established that independent learning can in actual fact be working with fellow friends or students. From this I can infer, that pupils can bounce off each other and share ideas and help to teach each other. I think the skills that you need to be an independent learner are:

  • determination
  •  resilience
  • being keen to learn
  • organised
  • good time planner.
  • motivation

Can you learn to become a more in(ter)dependent learner?

I think people can be taught the skills needed to become an independent learner. Skills such as organisation and time management. Also, I believe that people can be taught some ways to teach yourself or communicate and teach within a group. This can be done by putting people in a study group and it a natural instinct to give ideas, from this ideas will automatically start bouncing off each other. Although, I think it is difficult and practically impossible to learn how to have motivation and natural drive. I think this as these characteristics are a key aspect to someone’s make up. These skills are very important in being a in(ter)dependent learning as without motivation you will never be fully committed to help yourself strive and do the best of your ability. 


3 thoughts on “Week 1- Due Sunday 17th March 2013

  1. This is a really good and interesting blog 🙂 I originally thought independent learning was working on your own too, however I slightly disagree on the ‘can you learn to become a more in(ter)dependant learner’ paragraph as I think that if you put your mind to it, it’s easy to become motivated and determined 🙂 x

  2. Aniqa Ashraf says:

    I found this blog to be very interesting and found your viewpoints well explained and I understood the view you were trying to get across. I, too, agree with your definition. However, I believe that if one has the drive to succeed and the full determination, then one can achieve whatever they aim for.

  3. James Michie says:

    Great first post Ella!

    I agree with you re: motivation in that you can’t ‘teach’ someone how to be motivated. However, as an independent learner you can focus on things that interest you and that should be the root of your motivation.

    What I think Melissa and Aniqa have inferred from your final paragraph is the idea that motivation is either in you or it’s not. I would argue (and they might agree) that we all have the ability to be motivated, it just depends on what we are doing.

    Often in school you (students) are asked to learn things with little explanation as to why you are learning them and that can be demotivating in itself. However, if you were given more choice/ownership over what you are learning, I think you would be more motivated.

    What do you think?

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