Week 2 – Due 24th March 2013

What did I learn about the research project?

From reading the articles in the reading section of the weeks work I realised that researching is not as generalised and straight forward as I previously thought. In actual fact it is a well structured, detailed process that takes a lot of thought and time. Also, I learnt that there are many different researching techniques that are useful to different aspects of research.

How successful we’re we in completing the project?

Overall, our team was quite successful as we finished it in the assigned time limit. Although, we had a lack of motivation and organisation and ended up cramming it all in at the last minute. We discussed our ideas well in the discussion section but when it are to actually doing it there wasn’t much communication. To conclude, I think our final result was good although we had a lack of team work and communication.

Here is a link to our final project: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14JenDif7mk0jRWXDp4bp8AIJxuIIKPqgqFnu9viyxHc/mobilebasic

Was I an effective collaborator?

Honestly, I believe that I was an effective collaborator as I was the member of the group that wrote up 90% of the final piece. Also, I made an effort to do the primary research. Although, I could have been more prepared and helped to motivate the group and start the discussion earlier on in the week instead of waiting for someone else to start the discussion.


One thought on “Week 2 – Due 24th March 2013

  1. James Michie says:

    Hi Ella, well done on completing the assignment. It was certainly a challenging week for everyone and I’m glad that you persevered.

    In terms of your research approach it is evident from the ‘discussion’ that a range of sources were considered. However, the analysis and presentation of your collected data is incomplete and would have improved the credibility of your research. Nevertheless, you did manage to complete some primary research which is commendable within the time frame. A wider range of sources allowing for triangulation would have made your response more valid.

    Keep going… I loom forward to reading your evaluation of the reliability and validity of your project.

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