Week 3- Due Sunday 31st March 2013

How did this week’s reading and assignment build on last weeks?

This weeks reading and assignment has given me a better all over all knowledge of the best way to research a chosen topic. It has also showed me a more structured and detailed way to research things. This week has really deepened my knowledge on how to research properly to get the best results possible.

How has it added to your understanding of conducting effective research?

This week has added to my understanding of how to conduct effective research as it has given me a effective way to structure my approach. I have found reading about the Harvard system very beneficial. Also, I found that combining my last weeks reading and this weeks reading I have been able to understand the Harvard system in better detail. I think with a bit of practise I will be able to use the Harvard system in a research task in the near future.

How much progress do you believe you have made as you approach the halfway point of the course?

Overall I think I have made quite a bit of progress as it is the first time I have worked on a collaborative piece with people I have never spoken to in real life. Not only has this helped my communication skills it also helped to make me more confident as during the task you had to be confident to put your points across and give your ideas. Also, it has helped me developed my independent learning and time management. I think this will be beneficial in all of my school life!


One thought on “Week 3- Due Sunday 31st March 2013

  1. James Michie says:

    I agree… I think you are making excellent progress. As I said at the end of my previous comment, I want to see you apply this knowledge/skill in your school work, be that in Science or Maths. Remember, you have only just scratched the surface with these skills… they need to be cultivated and practised. 🙂

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