Week 5- Due Sunday 14th April 2013

The process of creating and editing the video?

I found the process of creating a video fun as it was a creative and collaborative way to learn. I found that thinking of what section I would do in the video as I wanted it to be appropriate and worthwhile (for me and my group.) However, I found creating the video clip good fun as it was creative and gave me independence as I could do what I wanted within my section. Although, I found sending my video clip to my partner hard as I was unsure how to export the click. Despite, a slight delay I asked my teacher and he helped me. Then I emailed my section to our group editor (Nadia.) Nadia was very good at editing the clips and I believe that our final outcome was really good.

How this activity has contributed to your development as an in(ter)dependent learner?

This task has helped me to become independent as I got to design my section myself and I had complete creative freedom. This task has been the first so far that I have developed my in(ter)dependent learner skills as I made an effort to contributed to the team discussion and give key points and ideas. So far this task has helped me the most with confidence and team building. Although, I did have to rely on my teacher for an uploading query as I tried to find the answer but I couldn’t find it.

The link to the finished video clip:



One thought on “Week 5- Due Sunday 14th April 2013

  1. James Michie says:

    I really enjoyed the video and felt that between the three of you, you were able to draw together a range of ideas and responses to the dilema of the chicken and the egg. The intro was strong establishing the focus of the video. The middle section demonstrated a detailed understanding. I think it could have been improved through the use of narration with images rather than just text. Nevertheless, it put across a variety of key points.

    The end of the video placed the topic in a wider context showing that it is part of a bigger idea. I particularly like your comment about it being one of many paradoxes within the world. Moreover, it is evident from the completed film that even given some technical challenges with producing video and sharing it online, that you were able to collaborate even more effectively this week.

    It is also clear that while this was challenging it was also a rewarding learning experience and that, to my mind, is more important than the video itself. Not least the fact that the video exhibits evidence of synthesis and evaluation which was the main focus of the week. The video was ultimately a means by which to force you into drilling down on your critical thinking skills.

    *Please add a link to the video into your post.

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